Food Metal Detector Escorts Food Safety

- Sep 26, 2019-

In the process of food production and processing, although enterprises strictly control and manage the production process, it is very difficult to completely eliminate the mixing of foreign metals in practice. Why? Because in the production process, any process that requires direct contact with the metal surface is likely to be mixed with metal impurities. Sometimes it is really overwhelming. So what? Only food metal detectors can be equipped to prevent and control in the relevant processes. Let's analyze the following:


1. Raw material process

The reason is that metal foreign bodies may be mixed in raw materials, such as broken needles in meat, nails in flour, buttons, coins, rings, necklaces and so on, or buttons, coins, rings and necklaces left in raw materials due to human factors. There are also on-site repairs such as forgotten screwdrivers, nuts, welding slag and gold that are not cleaned up in time. Such as chips;

The purpose of adding metal detector in this link is to prevent metal from mixing in raw materials and remove contaminated raw materials in time, and to avoid equipment damage in the later process.

2. Production process

In the process of production, raw materials fall off when they pass through metal equipment and enter food. For example, in candy production, raw materials enter the screen for filtering, while screen metals are easy to wear and age over a long period of time, and screen wires are easy to fall into syrup and cause pollution. In addition, equipment may fall down due to aging iron chips. Old damaged iron sheets, parts falling off, broken metal sheets, blades and so on are all likely to be mixed.

In this link, metal testing machine is set up, the main purpose is to ensure the quality and safety of finished products before entering packaging.

3. Packaging process

In the packaging process, the most easily mixed into the packaging is the blade (art blade), scissors and other large metal foreign bodies, usually the packaging size is relatively large, generally in this process are equipped with large probe metal detector, to prevent and control some large metal foreign body mixed purposes.

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