Flap Gate Case - Application Of High-grade Mansion Of Office Building

- Feb 08, 2018-

Flap gate case - Application of high-grade mansion of office building


Wing gate in high-grade building applications, enrich the card system, and through the wing gate and monitoring camera linkage and fire control system (channel gate and fire linkage system in case of fire alarm linkage, automatic gate convenient personnel escape) to a certain extent, but also improve the building integration. Therefore, the application of wing lock in the Intelligent Building one card system has its positive significance and application value to improve the safety of the building and improve the efficiency of management.


The establishment of several groups of two-way channel gate in the main entrance of the building (a reasonable set of wing gate channel width according to the number of), building internal staff with building card system center issued internal staff card free access gateway, and wing gate personnel, a large capacity and deposited in the database, to preparation and property related personnel query in case of need. The inside of the building staff work on access to credit card gateway and implementation of attendance management function, entrance gateway settings and avoid the exclusion (such as malicious tradesmen) for internal staff harassment.


Control the external visitors through the channel control function of the flap gate. When there are foreign visitors, visitors first report to the front desk, explain the visiting reasons, the meeting objects and the expected time to visit. The receptionists confirm with the interviewees through the telephone inside the building. Get the respondents confirmation feedback after the reception staff through issuing equipment for making visitor card, visitors identification (ID data or work permit etc.) information through a special certificate scanner input card and workstation, through the installation of the high-definition camera on the reception visitors took photos, the image information stored in the database the identity of visitors; reception staff according to the respondents of the information open the appropriate permissions to visitors (such as elevator access, surveyed room access, restaurants, etc.) and the visitor's time setting time.


In some places the time quota imposed by the consumer (dining room and hotel buffet restaurant, bathing places etc.) at the entrance to set up a group of wing gate, consumer credit card through the wing gate into the place of consumption, the system will automatically deduct the corresponding amount according to the preset amount of consumption, but also declined without authorization card users to enter. The entry gate can automatically display the balance in the user card on the LCD screen of the gate when the user swipe the card. If the minimum balance is less than one consumption, the gate will not be opened. It will remind users to recharge the charge. The management of these places can be ensured through the management of the flap barrier gate and the efficiency of management can be improved.


In addition, a group of winged gates at the entrance and exit of the large meeting place are set up to sign and control the participants. The participants can enter and enter the conference hall through the swiping card, which facilitates the attendance and attendance of the participants, and provides a relaxed solution for effectively controlling and managing the participants' attendance. At the same time, it also declined the entry of non - participants and guaranteed the order of the meeting. Through the management of the wing gate to the conference, the work burden of the conference service personnel is greatly reduced, and the efficiency of the exhibition will be greatly improved.