Five Major Issues To Be Paid Attention To In The Purchase Of Walk Through Security Inspection Doors

- Mar 07, 2018-

Five major issues to be paid attention to in the purchase of walk through security inspection doors


When we buy archway security doors, usually pay attention to appearance, in fact, the more we should go to the door security performance and practical value, the Suzhou Aoteng tell you five details that we should pay attention to when buying the walk-through metal detectors gate!


1. Sensitivity

Security detection items are mainly produced by the column on both sides of the door of the magnetic field caused by magnetic induction, and thus play a warning role, so, this will inevitably lead to the sensitivity will decrease from both sides to the middle of the door area is near the door on both sides of the phenomenon, the sensitivity will be higher than the middle. Now many manufacturers of security inspection have claimed that they can detect a metal with a size of return pin, but in fact, many manufacturers can barely measure it when they are close to the two door planks. Under the condition of excluding the belt buckle, we must be able to detect small iron metal, and we can detect the control knives and guns when removing belt buckles, keys, cell phones and coins.


2, aseismic property of safety inspection door

The door can not sound continuously when it sloshing. The stability and anti-interference ability of a safety inspection door directly affects the normal use of the security door. Some enterprises and users to buy security doors do not pay attention to relevant aspects or by some manufacturers deliberately avoided, resulting in security door to buy stability is poor, there is a constant false alarm wind sways grass seriously affect the normal use. Based on the principle of magnetic field induction at the security door, when the magnetic field of the security gate produces vibration, it is easy to cause misinformation. A quality check door can't be false even when no one passes through, even if the magnetic field is oscillating (such as strong wind blowing or slapping door to shake the door). When the magnetic field oscillates when someone passes it, it is also necessary to ensure a quick return to normal, and not always be misunderstood.


3. Stability of walk through security door

To carry a pin in the middle of the door should go once, not to fail to report and to report. The poor quality security door will sometimes alarm when it approaches its sensitivity limit. Sometimes it doesn't alarm, and it's placed in the three zone. It shows the alarm is located in the five location.


4, the effectiveness of the arched security inspection door

The security door has the function of automatic statistics "through number" and "number of alarm". If the number of the display is not consistent with the actual number of people passing through, it may cause a missing report, which means there is a leak in the security inspection. The good security gate should be able to walk one hundred times to detect one hundred times.


5. qualification and certification of security inspection door

The production of security inspection door must have a production license issued by the Ministry of public security. It must hold the quality and safety inspection certificate of the public security department, and the export must be certified by CE. Many do not have the relevant qualifications and certification, the majority of users must know before the purchase.


The security door has played an indispensable role in our daily life, Suzhou aoteng electronic security doors remind purchase friends in the purchase of security equipment, it is best to consult professional security equipment manufacturers!