Features Of All Metal Detector

- Mar 03, 2018-

Features of all metal detector

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1) the combination of new analog circuits and digital circuits greatly improves the reliability and intelligent program of the product.


2) using the new touch screen input and the large-scale integrated circuit, the CPU completes the collection and conversion of analog signals to digital data, and outputs, automatically search for the best point of the metal content of the detected objects, which greatly improves the sensitivity and reliability of the detection.


3) adopt the humanized interface design. The whole operation process is concise and intuitive, and the man-machine interface is clear at a glance. All functions can be directly operated on the screen to complete the execution of the required functions.


4) can set all kinds of function and mode, set self inspection function, sensitivity: sub - file position, adjustable increase, reduce (1-9 gear adjustable). When the trace metal is detected, the sound and optical instrument alarm at the same time, and the unqualified product will return to the stop state automatically.


5) Aoteng brand metal detector adopts computer control system, according to the special requirements of users, the number of test statistics can be completed, qualified and unqualified products classification statistics, data storage, printing, and concentration of product identification, and multiple devices at the same time work interference separation etc..