Feasibility Of Long Range Explosive Detector

- Sep 21, 2019-

Normal explosive detectors are normally sampled, and then analyze the results of material composition analysis report to determine whether suspicious substances are dangerous explosives, but in some special occasions, it is not convenient to sample and detect, and may need to use a long-range explosive detectors for detection, so the long-range explosive detectors are feasible. Do you?


The earliest Mole Detector could detect explosives and drugs from a long distance was deception.

A detection radius of more than 100 meters, can cross walls, containers and even ice, accurately locate dozens of explosives, drugs and even human body; it does not need any power supply, only rely on the user walking generated by the "human static electricity" can work - Moore detector, during the 2008 Olympic Games in China, the police generally can each set of 280,000 people. "High-tech" detection device purchased at RMB price. Quadro, the device manufacturer, has been charged with fraud in the UK and was convicted of fraud by a British Court on April 23, local time.

Professor of South China University of Technology denies Moore detector

Quan Hongjun, professor of physics at South China University of Technology, said, "I can't understand the working principle. The most incredible thing is that the detector doesn't need power supply, and the static electricity generated by human body is very weak." As for how such detectors work by "recording molecular characteristics", Fang Zhouzi said in 2009 that "no subject has this theory and no scientist will study it at all.

Long-range explosive detection technology remains to be studied

From the point of view of scientific feasibility, it is impossible to judge what kind of substance is by means of molecular resonance molecular resonance, human electrostatic and ultra-low frequency conduction technology. At present, Raman spectroscopy, ion mobility spectroscopy and X-ray safety inspection are still reliable, but these tests are all articles or spectra. Those who can take samples from a long distance are really difficult to achieve at the present level of science and technology, and there is no scientific basis.