Factory Security Solution

- Mar 28, 2018-

Factory security solution


1. Background review:

With the development of social economy, skyrocketing prices of raw materials, plant products and raw materials management becomes more and more important to strengthen the management of the factory, rely on internal staff consciousness and human factors of security have not been able to meet the needs of enterprise development, with scientific management methods to prevent the loss of products and raw materials it is imminent. While not violating each employee's personal right, the use of walk through security doors and metal detectors and other technological means of production management, civil air defense and anti technology are combined effectively, thus becoming the patron saint of the real property enterprises.


2, installation Objective:

Mainly on the factory internal staff check in time and out of the workshop or factory, employees will prevent the company's products or raw materials such as metal carrying out of the factory, to eliminate the loss of raw materials and products, ensure the safety of the company property.


3, installation environment requirements:

Security doors suitable for installation in the workshop, staircases or factory gate entrance, not suitable for outdoor installation, to prevent wind and rain, if installed in the factory gate and other outdoor conditions, must have the corresponding canopy shelter, the best place to install security doors out of the ground about 5cm, and the around 1 meters range should not have large metal objects, when working outside the gate to prevent metal unnecessary interference, so as to improve the inspection accuracy and accuracy of security door.


4, the choice of installation location:

one production workshop in the import and export of;

Two, exports to the workshop workers locker in the channel;

Three factory guard channel mouth (with rain facilities);

Four, other designated place.


5, the application of the product inspection and operation:

The metal content of metal products detection is not less than 1 yuan coin size, can accurately detect the carry in the body location, according to customer needs, can adjust its sensitivity, to achieve the best effect of alarm detection.  

, if the actual metal content measuring products is large, can adjust sensitivity in human body clothing metal buttons, zippers, belts, keys, coins, or even a mobile phone metal shielding, beyond the scope of the metal to produce sound and light alarm. Such as small household appliances production enterprises, large pieces of metal goods production enterprises and so on.  

Two, if the metal detection products or raw materials and human's clothes or carrying a metal metal, may require workers try to carry metal objects placed on the clothing box, or in the security gate placed long table, basket, conveyor belt, easy to remove metal objects between workers out of the bus again through the security door, thereby reducing the possible alarm area, the alarm location can be further examined by security hand-held metal detectors, increasing the traffic speed of personnel, improve work efficiency and supervisory role. Such as IT enterprises (mobile phone and accessories, MP3, U plate, etc.), circuit board production enterprises, precision instrument parts enterprises, rare metal processing enterprises and so on.


Suitable selection of walk through security door::

One, recommended by AT100A AT200A AT600A 600C

Two, suitable products are AT500 AT008A AT1088A AT1088X


7, the typical customer introduction and installation site:

one, mobile phone and accessories:

Typical customers: HUAWEI Technology

Products: mobile phone shell, mobile phone batteries, mobile phone accessories

By hand: security door + + Security + long table + basket


Two, U disk, Mp3:

Typical customers: Kingston

Product type: U disk, modem, computer accessories

By hand: security door + + Security + long table + basket


Threeprinters, computer accessories

Typical customers: Samsung

Product type: HP printers, fax machines, computer accessories and other

By hand: security door + + Security + long table + basket


Four, small household electrical appliance enterprises:

Typical customers: the United States

Product type: stainless steel mug, rice cookers and other stainless steel products

By hand: security door + + security (portable metal items set alarm shielding)


8. Concluding remarks:

The company is willing to security products enterprises can truly become the patron saint of the property, to escort the development of enterprises, and make our due contribution.