Factors Affecting The Price Of Security X-ray Machine

- Dec 30, 2019-

Factors affecting the price of security X-ray machine

Many consumers usually ask what the price of security X-ray machine is when they buy it. Now, the doorkeeper security check small editor brings us to understand the factors that affect the price of X-ray machine, which imported X-ray machine price is slightly more expensive than domestic X-ray machine price, but it's worth it. The factors that affect the price of  security X-ray machine are as follows:

Element 1: roller of security X-ray machine (also called motor)

Generally speaking, the service life of domestic X-ray machine is 3-5 years, while that of imported X-ray machine is 10-15 years. It's needless to say that all parts of imported products are imported with original packaging. Because the whole machine is in heating operation during the operation of the X-ray machine, we know that any component has a service life, so comparatively speaking, the service life of imported products is much longer than that of domestic X-ray machine products.

Element 2: sensitivity of security X-ray machine

For the X-ray machine, picture definition is the most important skill used to identify the type of goods. The domestic skill level is not very high. There is no level of imported brands in the processing of pictures. In the process of checking, many goods need to be unpacked for security inspection to identify their characteristics, which increases the workload of security inspection, and may also allow a small number of prohibited goods to be hidden Get out of the way.

Element 3: X-ray penetration

On the surface, the penetration value of the imported X-ray machine is equal to that of the domestic X-ray machine, and sometimes on the surface, the penetration value of the imported product is not as large as that of the domestic X-ray machine. But in fact, because foreign and domestic standards for the penetration of X-ray machines are different, foreign products consider more about the appropriate ratio between the radiation safety and penetration of products, while domestic products mostly only seek the penetration value.

Element 4: brand awareness of X-ray machine

Compared with domestic products, the products of big brands will be more guaranteed in product quality control and after-sales service. Generally speaking, imported products have significant advantages such as long service life, low failure rate and less after-sales service. Therefore, in the long run, the cost of using imported products is lower than that of using domestic products.

Element 5: after sales service of X-ray machine manufacturer

The biggest difference with domestic X-ray machine is that doorkeeper X-ray machine attaches great importance to its own brand and reputation, never produces inferior products, and does not replace inferior ones. After sales service also provides professional solutions, which is one of the main reasons why its products can be sold all over the world.