Face Recognition System Ushered In Security Inspection

- Mar 07, 2018-

Face recognition system ushered in security inspection


Walk through metal detector Security door, always in our lives plays an important role, whether it is travel or work normally required for transport "subway" security doors are standard, but these are not effective to restrain the impostor, every year there will still be a lot of impersonation documents through security.


So in this year, that is 2016, the security industry for the first time the introduction of the "security face recognition system" first introduced this system is Shenzhen Baoan Airport, Shenzhen Baoan Airport will integrate the airport security information system and security system of face recognition, will also use two sets of systems to identify the passenger information, to ensure a safe post card.


As the first Baoan airport to introduce face recognition system, it has been found that more than ten cases of other people's use of other documents has been increased by three percent over the past month, which greatly improves the efficiency of security inspection and facilitates the travel of the masses.


The coming of the face recognition system also marks the innovation ability of the security industry, and the future security industry will be more vigorous.