Express X-ray Security Checker 6550 Model Which Express Logistics Company Especially Likes

- Apr 22, 2019-

It is found that customers of express logistics companies often come to our company to consult and purchase security checking machines recently. With the increasing demand for online shopping, large, medium and small logistics companies of express logistics also increase accordingly. Therefore, when choosing and purchasing X-ray security checking machines, their demand for products is mainly to accurately check whether there are inflammable and explosive dangerous goods in the package. Now on the market. There are many X-ray security machines with different prices, ranging from thousands to millions.


Kunshan Sanxun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of X-ray security inspection machine and metal detection security door, is a production, R&D and sales company. It has been 14 years since its establishment in 2005. It specializes in producing security inspection and protection system products such as metal detection security door, metal detection door, security inspection machine, X-ray security detector, hand-held metal detector, community correction bracelet, electronic foot buckle, etc. We have served more than 2,000 customers, and our products have obtained the quality inspection report of the Ministry of Public Security and CE, FCC, ROHS certification. The price of metal detection security door is preferential, the price of X-ray security machine is preferential, and the quality is guaranteed. Welcome to discuss and purchase.

AT-6550 X-ray security inspection machine is recommended by the X-ray security inspection machine manufacturer and the metal detection security gate manufacturer in Kunshan Sanxun Electronic Express Logistics Industry. This product has the characteristics of leading technology: parallel data transmission technology, 10-20 times faster than other similar products in network transmission.

1. Easy to learn and easy to use: the user can easily use the equipment by adopting a concise and humane operation interface;

2. High-definition display: equipped with 17-inch high-definition liquid crystal display, the image display is more delicate, the resolution reaches 19201080;

3. Massive Storage: Pictures are stored directly on hard disk with a storage capacity of more than 1000000 sheets and can be directly called for viewing.

4. Energy-saving and environmental protection: the machine can automatically sense objects, with luggage put on the machine before starting operation; when there is no object, it is still;

5. One-key shutdown: When shutdown, you only need to rotate the key. The equipment shuts down automatically and safely, so as to reduce the equipment failure.

6. Environmental protection design: Lead curtain with protective film to prevent guests'hands from touching lead and avoid lead pollution.

This X-ray security inspection machine product has been widely used in government organs, industry enterprises, prisons, airports, stations, wharfs, the military and other places, to provide industry users with high accuracy, strong anti-interference, and no harm to users, absolutely guaranteed. Relying on advanced technology, relying on high-tech talent team, adhering to the principle of "honesty, quality, pragmatism and innovation", and taking "first-class products, advanced technology, enthusiastic service, honest attitude" as the business philosophy, we provide all users with high-quality and perfect services, so that users can truly enjoy the safety and happiness brought by high-tech products.