Express Logistics X-ray luggage scanner Security Machine Does Not Give The Image How To Do?

- Dec 09, 2019-

Express Logistics X-ray luggage scanner security machine does not give the image how to do?

In the security inspection equipment used in express logistics company, how to solve the image in the over package inspection? In view of some small problems in the use process of the security inspection equipment, how can we solve them quickly? If the machine is in normal operation and over package inspection, whether the manufacturer's after-sales personnel are required to repair it at home? Now Aoteng can't provide specific technical guidance scheme for the image sorting of the over package X-ray luggage scanner security inspection machine.


The judgment method of the technology that the security check machine can't print out the picture when it's over package

1. Enter the menu - settings:

Check whether infrared 1 and infrared 2 are off

If it is not closed, check whether there is any foreign matter in the channel to block the infrared

2. Block the infrared with your hands to see if the infrared state in the setting changes

If the infrared status changes, click menu - Test to see if the ray signal line changes

(1) there is change, and the source is normal

(2) there is no change, it is necessary to determine whether the source is normal (whether the source is powered on)

Open the L frame side plate to see whether the signal changes (the signal will change after the natural light enters), and whether the source collimation is blocked;

B. no change in infrared state

That is, block the infrared by hand to see if the infrared light is on. If not, check whether the infrared light is aligned with the light barrier. If there is no problem with the alignment angle, check the circuit.

3. File deletion or setting change

If all the above mentioned points have been checked and no problem points have been found, then the manufacturer shall be found to call after-sales staff for maintenance. Never dismantle the machine and equipment by yourself, so as not to expand the problem. I hope that the above content can help you to solve the problem that X-ray security machine does not produce images.