Explosive Drug Detector Equipment Looking For Aoteng Suzhou

- Oct 10, 2019-

Explosive Drug Detector Equipment Looking for Aoteng, Suzhou

How can explosion and drug abuse be reduced or avoided? Explosive drug detector equipment is the key point. What is the working principle of explosive drug detector? Why is it so powerful? What are the sexual characteristics? The physical diagram of AOTENG portable explosive drug detector is as follows:


First of all, we need to find out what the working principle of the explosive drug detector is. When a suspect has been exposed to explosives or drugs, the skin of his hand will be stained with small particles of explosives or drugs. When a suspect is exposed to other substances, such as boxes, packages or clothes, he contaminates the surface of these substances by fingerprints. At room temperature, these tiny particles will naturally evaporate steam. Testers collect tiny particles or vapors on the surface of these substances through test paper tools for sampling, and then use explosive drug detector to analyze the composition of the samples. The detection rate of explosives and drugs detector is as high as 99%, so long as the suspect touches explosives or drugs, almost all can be detected.

Furthermore, the performance characteristics of explosive detector. The new portable explosive drug detector launched by Suzhou Aoteng Electron Technology Co., Ltd. has five advantages: first, the use of advanced global ion mobility spectroscopy technology, the use of substance ion mobility spectroscopy contrast to identify substances. Second, it uses AOTENG independently developed black powder Nake level detection performance, high accuracy, can detect more than 100 kinds of dangerous goods, mainly because the instrument has database add function, can add new samples to the instrument as needed. Thirdly, it is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry and maintain, and the detection speed is very fast. The results can be analyzed in 2-10 seconds. Fourthly, it uses both positive and negative modes, which can simultaneously detect explosives and drugs. The new explosive detection has more mixture mode and stronger detection function. Fifth, it is embedded in the Windows 10 computer system, the man-machine interface is easy to understand, WiFi can access the Internet, and Bluetooth can share the printer test results.

According to the functional characteristics of explosive drug detector, as long as it is widely used in public security bureaus, frontier defense, ports, procuratorates, courts, airports, railway stations, subway and other places for safety inspection, but with the implementation of China's anti-terrorism and explosion-proof security policy, explosive drug detector will gradually be applied to banks, hotels, factories and other daily places.