Explosive Detector In Public Places

- Dec 19, 2019-

Explosive detector in public places

In recent years, terrorist bombings in public places in the Middle East and Indonesia are still frequent. In the final analysis, there are two reasons: local disorder and lax inspection of dangerous goods such as explosives. The detection of hidden explosives in public places requires the use of explosives detector.

With the miniaturization, precision, concentration, mixing and diversification of explosives, explosives become more and more secret; on the other hand, there are higher requirements for the flow efficiency of people in the airport, station, hotel and other public places, how to detect the hidden explosives quickly and efficiently has become a problem for the security management department.

The researchers of Suzhou aoteng Electron Technology Co Ltd have developed a simple and efficient detector, explosive detector, which is based on ion mobility spectrum technology. The detector can detect explosives up to picke level, and can detect and distinguish trace explosives quickly. It is widely used in public security, court, border defense, subway, high-speed rail Airport, station, large conference, exhibition hall and other public places.

The internal structure diagram of the explosive detector always leaves residues in the form of gas or solid particles in the process of explosive production and processing. The residues are often attached to clothes or luggage. By collecting these residues and analyzing them, we can judge whether there is explosives. Use ion migration spectroscopy to detect the composition of substances and judge whether there is explosives.