Explosive Detector -- A Magic Weapon For Identification Of Illegally Manufactured Explosives

- Jan 17, 2020-

Explosive detector -- a magic weapon for identification of illegally manufactured explosives

In recent months, there are many cases of various kinds of illegal explosives found in China, many of which are related to interests. For example, Fangxian County, Hubei Province, is close to the new year, hiding in a cottage beside the mountain road, illegally manufacturing fireworks, firecrackers and firecrackers for sale; Taihu Lake, Suzhou, which takes "some fireworks" as a cover, is actually the case of torpedo, illegal explosives and fish; Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province, fried with chemical fertilizer Making dynamite to steal tombs. In order to avoid supervision, those profiteers who illegally make explosives are often very cautious, hidden deeply, and usually very low-key. In recent years, the public security police and other government supervision departments have also upgraded their equipment in response to various cases of illegally made explosives, fireworks and firecrackers, and equipped with explosives identification equipment - explosives detector. Here we will introduce the explosive detector independently developed by Suzhou aoteng Electronics:

Based on the international advanced principle of ion migration spectrum, the at explosive detector is similar to the electronic dog. It analyzes the corresponding ion migration spectrum by sampling and putting it into the instrument. By comparing with the stock ion migration spectrum, it can quickly and accurately judge the explosive composition of suspicious articles, display the article name and print the detection report.

Detectable explosives: black powder, ammonium nitrate (an), TNT, PETN, RDX, nitroglycerin, Octogen, terqur, DNT, C4, Semtex, TATP, etc., fireworks and firecrackers contain powder components, which can also be detected.

Detectable drugs: cocaine hydrochloride, heroin hydrochloride, tetrahydrocannabinol, methamphetamine (ice), ketamine hydrochloride (k powder), morphine hydrochloride

Sample addition: add new samples to the instrument as needed

The operation of the explosive detector produced by Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is relatively simple. Just turn on the preheated instrument, press the explosive inspection mode on the touch screen, take the suspicious sample with the test paper and put it into the instrument detection port, wait for the instrument detection result, if there is any explosive or drug detected, the instrument will alarm.