Enterprises Pass SGS International Certification

- Aug 08, 2019-

Recently, Aoteng Electronics has obtained a certificate of type approval and two product testing reports issued by SGS, which means that Aoteng Electronics has officially opened up the markets of Britain and other European countries, and is another landmark victory of Aoteng Electronics in opening up the international market.


SGS is the abbreviation of Societe Generalede Surveillance S.A., translated as "general notary bank", mainly engaged in inspection, testing, certification, factory inspection and other trade security related work. SGS is the leader and innovator of global inspection, identification, testing and certification services, and also the recognized global benchmark of quality and integrity. This time SGS sent special commissioners from our department to Aoteng electronic inspection, which is of great significance, and the standards and requirements are particularly stringent.

Aoteng electronic production of metal detectors, underground metal detectors in line with international CE, ROHS standards, through the ISO 9001-2000 quality relationship system, in strict accordance with the Ministry of Public Security Safety Preventive Alarm System product quality supervision and testing center GB15210-2003, the National Safety Preventive System product quality supervision and inspection center (Shanghai) The product quality supervision, inspection and testing center of the security alarm system of the Ministry of Public Security, GB12899-2003 "General Technical Specification for Handheld Metal Detectors" and the relevant requirements of the handheld metal detector use manual are implemented. All products pass the inspection report of the Ministry of Public Security.

Passing SGS international certification means that the competitiveness of Aoteng Electronics in the world metal detection industry has been further improved. At the same time, we should consolidate the foundation, keep up with the international trend of development, pay close attention to the international market situation, and let foreign sales achieve better results.