Does X-ray Security Machine Have Much Radiation To The Pregnant Women?

- Mar 08, 2018-

Does x-ray security machine have much radiation to the pregnant women?


X-ray luggage scanner security inspection machine is the principle of image formation through X ray passing through objects. The image is processed by computer again, and the recognizable image is displayed on the computer screen, and then the safety of objects is evaluated. This principle is the same as we do in the X - ray chest in the hospital, but the radiation dose is much lower.


Compared with the equipment in the hospital, the radiation amount of the subway security machine is only 1/50 of the medical equipment. This quantity is very weak, compared with the radiation dose and if the standard "GB" provisions, a person standing motionless in the screening machine mouth for 52 days, the amount of radiation will exceed the standard. Therefore, the radiation value of the safety inspection machine is actually very low, the effect on the body is close to zero, and the pregnant woman will hardly have an impact on the baby in the abdomen.