Does The Quality Of The Walk Through Metal Detector Gate Pass Through?

- May 29, 2019-

The walk through metal detector gate belongs to a category of security equipment. walk through security gate is mainly used in public places, government organs, enterprises and other occasions, but now the market prices are uneven, different brands for customers, do not know how to choose a good security gate products. For how to judge the quality of a security gate, I give enterprises or units that need security gate a reference!


1. Sensitivity detection of security gates: test the sensitivity of security gates, whether metal can be detected normally;

2. The stability of security gates: check whether the stability of security gates and external anti-jamming are normal;

3. The detection size of metals: can we detect the size of metals by adjusting sensitivity, and set it according to our own product specifications?

4. Lighting and digital display of security gates: see whether the lights on both sides of the security gates are on normally, whether the number of passers-by is correct, and whether there are any false alarms;

5. Appearance technology of the security gate: whether the security gate is in good condition or not, whether there is any product problems such as breakage.

Security is everyone's concern. We can't be careless about personal safety. Therefore, for the security gates widely used in enterprises and public places, we should pay more attention to the quality of security gates.