Does The Procuratorate Need Walk Through Metal Detector Security Doors, X-ray Machines And Hand-held Metal Detectors?

- Jul 22, 2019-

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the people, when the procuratorate was established, do government agencies like the procuratorate need to carry out security checks and install security gates, X-ray machines and hand-held metal detectors? First of all, the security gate manufacturer Xiaobian gives you a brief understanding of the functions of the procuratorate:


The People's Procuratorate accomplishes its task by exercising the state procuratorial power. It exercises procuratorial power in cases of endangering national security, endangering public security, infringing on citizens'personal rights, democratic rights and other major crimes; examines cases investigated by public security organs and decides whether to arrest, prosecute or not to prosecute; institutes and supports public prosecution in criminal cases; and in public security. Whether the activities of organs, people's courts, prisons, detention centers and labour reform organs are lawful or not shall be supervised.


From the above simple understanding, we can see that the People's Procuratorate supervises public security, courts and other law enforcement departments. The same is true for some prosecutors. Similarly, in order to protect procuratorial law enforcement officers, the procuratorate also needs a security inspection system to prevent secondary injuries caused by prosecutors and their lawyers. So people's procuratorates still need security gates, X-ray machines and hand-held metal detectors.

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