Does The Installation Environment Affect The Detection Of Metal Detector?

- Apr 16, 2020-

Does the installation environment affect the detection of metal detector?

We often encounter that the metal detector equipment is normal in the factory, no matter it is empty machine detection or physical detection, but once it is installed in the customer's workshop, it can't work normally, and the phenomenon of random alarm appears. The technicians check the motor, transmission system and operating system are normal, so why can't the equipment work normally? In fact, the working environment around the workshop has affected the inspection of the equipment. Today, I will show you what kind of working environment is needed for the normal operation of the metal detector equipment?


First, check whether there are moving metal objects or equipment within 2 meters around the metal detector? If so, please exclude, including some large metal objects carried by human body, which cannot exist. In addition, check whether there are high-power metal equipment and electronic equipment around, and eliminate them if any. Secondly, we should pay attention to that the control box should not be installed near the distribution cabinet, the sensor of the metal detector should not be installed on the vibrating object, and the shock absorber should be installed under the sensor. The surrounding environment of the metal detector should not be interfered by strong alkali, strong acid, corrosive gas and strong electromagnetism. Finally, the position of the metal detector should not be strongly irradiated by the sun And make sure there is no heater, furnace and other heating equipment nearby. All of the above factors will cause the metal detector not to work normally, so the working environment is very important for the normal operation of the metal detector.

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