Do Walk Through Metal Security Doors Have Radiation?

- Mar 15, 2018-

Do walk through metal security doors have radiation?


Do metal security scanner doors have radiation? Will radiation affect the body? Any electronic products have a certain degree of electromagnetic radiation, just to see who the radiation of large or small problems. There is also a lot of electromagnetic radiation around us. For example, radio, TV station, cell phone tower, high voltage line, computer, TV, microwave oven, electromagnetic furnace, mobile phone and so on.


Compared with these electronic products, the electromagnetic radiation of the security gate is very small. The reason is that the security gate is a weak magnetic induction technology, and the power is very small, much smaller than that of the mobile phone. It's less radiation than a computer monitor. So when we pass the security check door, we don't have more impact on our body than worry.


Why do we need anti-theft security door? Production enterprises: to prevent theft (such as copper, aluminum, tin, nickel) and other raw materials prices of precious metals prices, resulting in the related industries, such as metal, electroplating, electronics and electrical appliances, wire and cable, production enterprises, machinery foundry products, semi-finished products rise in the cost of linear element that is the precious metal prices are so expensive, and some have an ulterior motive collection station employees can use, in order to prevent the loss of precious metals company, think of ways to promote the company, in order to prevent, reduce the loss of metal.