Discussion On The Common Troubleshooting Of Hand-held Metal Detector

- Feb 17, 2020-

Discussion on the common troubleshooting of hand-held metal detector

With the improvement of the awareness of national security inspection, the demand for security inspection equipment is also increasing, and the metal detector is more popular in the market. Since the establishment of our company Suzhou aoteng security brand, we are honored to be recognized by our customers. When our customers use our hand-held metal detector, due to improper operation or storage, they will encounter some problems. Here is the introduction Some common troubleshooting methods of hand-held metal detector.

Phenomenon 1: fault phenomenon: alarm immediately or even slight shaking after startup.

Cause analysis: generally, it is caused by setting the sensitivity too high, or the sensitivity knob in the detector deviates due to impact and falling during use; there are also reasons for long battery life.

Exclusion method:

1. Turn the sensitivity down or back to the appropriate sensitivity range until there is no alarm.

2. Replace the battery with a new one.

Phenomenon 2: fault phenomenon: generally, the detector has vibration mode selection, sometimes the buzzer works normally, and the vibration motor will not stop after turning to the vibration state.

Cause analysis: generally, the battery does not cause voltage drop after a period of use, and the motor power consumption exceeds the buzzer, at this time, the voltage can only ensure the normal operation of the buzzer.

Exclusion method:

1. In case of vibration, reduce the sensitivity.

2、 Replace the battery or charge it before use.

Note: at this time, lowering the sensitivity does not affect the detection accuracy.

Phenomenon 3: fault phenomenon: the red light is on for a long time, and there is no alarm or vibration.

Cause analysis: this kind of phenomenon usually occurs when the detector is out of service for a period of time, forgetting to take out the battery, and the battery discharges slowly for a long time.


Exclusion method:

1. Just replace the battery.

2. Maintenance is also required during future use or storage (clean with pure alcohol or special electronic cleaner).

Phenomenon 4: fault phenomenon: after starting up, it sometimes gives an alarm and sometimes does not give an alarm.

Cause analysis: generally, the battery is not installed properly, resulting in poor contact. There are also some battery buckles that do not match the battery buckles, resulting in loose contact.

Exclusion method:

1. Open the battery box and press it again; if the battery buckle is too loose, just clamp it gently with pliers.

2. If the battery buckle is not elastic or damaged, replace it. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles when replacing.

Phenomenon five:Fault phenomenon: Wei'en security product md-5-ii portable hand-held metal detector.

Cause analysis:

1. The adjusting hole of md-5-ii is at the front end of battery cover at the back of detector, and a small yellow screw is arranged in the small hole;

2. Sensitivity adjustment: clockwise to increase sensitivity, counterclockwise to reduce sensitivity.

3. Only md-5-ii needs to be adjusted with a micro screwdriver.

The majority of customers in the use of hand-held metal detector process, but also pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment, to avoid falling impact, has been the impact of bad environment, try to extend the service life of the equipment!