Discuss The Advantages And Disadvantages Of X-ray Baggage Scanner Purchase And Security Inspection Service Purchase Mode?

- Sep 11, 2019-

With the influence of modern anti-terrorism situation, more and more units need to equip with security inspection equipment, but the price of security inspection equipment is quite different from that of ordinary equipment, plus the need to equip special security inspectors to operate, the cost is even less. With the increase of inspection means and complexity, the professional quality of security inspectors is required to improve, and the cost of security inspection is rising. Therefore, there is a security inspection service model on the market.

What is security inspection service? Simply put, the manufacturers of x-ray baggage scanner security inspection machines not only provide security inspection equipment to users, but also integrate the whole set of personnel and equipment into a merchandise form to provide integrated services for subway, station, conference venues and so on.


At present, security investment in Metro and other applications includes not only the purchase of corresponding security equipment, but also the increase of corresponding security personnel. Safety testing products will need to meet different specific needs in more application areas. For example, large railway stations, subway stations and airports with concentrated traffic, security products are required to have faster speed and greater stability on the basis of more accurate identification. Airport security inspection facilities need to be integrated with the entire security system.

The purchase of security inspection services will become more and more common. With the increasing application of security inspection equipment, the demand for temporary security inspection equipment in some cultural places and stadiums is also growing. Security inspection service purchase can reduce equipment investment and maintenance costs, which is a better choice for owners with weak capital strength. At the same time, the service income of equipment enterprises will gradually increase in the future. The role of services will become more and more prominent, and even become a key factor in determining the competitiveness of manufacturers.

Safety inspection system should be integrated with other safety systems, including monitoring system, alarm system and emergency linkage system. Ensure the effectiveness of the safety inspection system from multiple perspectives and ways. Safety inspection system mainly plays a precautionary role. In the event of an emergency, it must rely on other means to reduce the adverse consequences of the incident. This requires the effective integration of the security inspection system with other security inspection systems in order to establish an effective coordination of the "ex ante" and "ex post" security inspection mechanism.