Difference And Advantage Of Wing Gate And Three Roll Gate

- Apr 13, 2018-

Difference and advantage of wing gate and three roll gate


flap gate and tripod turnstile gate are the main pedestrian gateway. Compared to other barrier gate machines. The wing gate and the three roller brake are fully functional, the security effect is remarkable, and the attendance function is also remarkable. Therefore, it is widely used by many customers in stations, wharfs, attractions, communities and so on. Today, in view of the urgent problem of our customers, let's take a look at the differences and advantages of the wing gate and the three roller gate. I hope to help you with your purchase.


The difference between the flap gate and the three - roll gate:

1) the way of work is different. The wing brake is operated by motor, while the three roller gate (except automatic) is operated by means of optical coupling reset, mechanical reset and manual propulsion.

2) the opening time is different because of the different working mechanism, so the opening speed is also different. The opening and closing time of the wing gate can basically be controlled for about 0.5 seconds, while the opening time of the three rollers is about one second.

3) the passage of time because of different modeling, so the wing lock open in the barrier state, people can quickly pass, the fastest can reach 1.5-2 seconds per person, and the maximum speed of the three roll gate (actual calculation) 2.5-3 seconds / person time;

4) the passage with different functions and different wing gates can be transported through small suitcases and other articles, but the three rollers are not acceptable.

5) the cost different three rollers belong to the entry level channel products, and can only be used for the civil grade channel, and the wing gate is a intermediate product. It can support high flow places such as civil grade, rail traffic and so on. The price is several times the relationship.

6) the performance of the three rollers is a primary dissuade equipment, which only has the role of guiding and is not safe, but the wing lock has the functions of preventing the climbing from the alarm, preventing the tail alarm, and preventing the clip from the electronic eye, which belong to the higher safety level.


The advantages of flap gate

The advantages of the flap gate: the channel equipment has the characteristics of fast opening, no obstacle, safe use, small noise, convenient maintenance, convenient management and so on. It is suitable for high grade District, office building, scenic spot and so on is the first choice of passageway with high frequency of pedestrian entry and exit.

The difference and advantage of the wing gate and the three - roll gate. Suzhou aoteng technology, as a professional manufacturer of brake machine. There is a very rich experience in production and installation. For wing brake and three roll gate, we installed more. Therefore, it is popular with many customers. Besides, our workshop can be customized according to the needs of customers. More professional. If you need to install the brake, you can contact our staff. They will give professional answers to your questions. Counseling hotline: 013656250456