Development Of Walk Through Metal Detector Security Gate In Application

- Oct 02, 2019-

Development of Walk Through Metal Detector Security Gate in Application

Speaking of walk through security gates, I believe that the first reaction of most people is the airport security gates, which is due to more contacts at the airport. In fact, the early walk through security gates are widely used in the airport. However, with the continuous development of metal detectors in recent years, door frame metal detector have not only been due to the airport and other places'security checks, but also can play an anti-theft role. As a result, it gradually penetrates into the field of anti-theft.

In 2002, the domestic metal detector security doors began to slowly use in the field of factory burglary, and in the meantime, a large number of electronics and hardware manufacturers recognized the convenience and benefits of door frame metal detector security doors for their burglary work.


Then, in 2004, the prison break of Sichuan Langzhong prison made the security check gate gradually move towards the judicial field, so the security check gate and metal detector products appeared frequently in the Public Security Bureau, procuratorate, court, prison and detention center.

In 2005, the State Council issued the Regulations on the Administration of Entertainment Places and the Law on the Administration of Public Security in Entertainment Places, which made the safety of entertainment places more important, and the products of security inspection entered the field of entertainment. As a result, many parts of bars, KTV, nightclubs and other places are equipped with security inspection equipment and micro-metering X-ray security inspection equipment.

Today, the application of security gates involves all walks of life. With the improvement of people's awareness of security, we believe that in the future, security gates will be applied more widely and the development prospects will be better.