Development History Of Underground Metal Detectors

- Mar 26, 2018-

Development history of underground metal detectors


The emergence of an underground metal detector product led to the development of an industry, so security, a familiar and strange industry, began to enter the market. Over the past 40 years, metal detectors have undergone several changes in detection technology. From the initial signal simulation technology to the continuous wave technology to the digital pulse technology used today, the simple magnetic field cutting principle of metal detectors has been introduced into many scientific and technological achievements. There is a qualitative leap in sensitivity, resolution, detection accuracy, and performance. The application area also extends to many industries with the improvement of product quality.


The world's first underground metal detector was born in 1960, entered the industrial age of the first underground metal detectors are mainly used in the mining industry, is helpful to check the purity and improve the benefits of mineral. With the development of society, crime cases have risen. In 1970, the underground metal detector was introduced into a new application area -- safety inspection, that is, the prototype of walk through metal detection door we use today, which means that human cognition of safety has entered a new era.


In 70s, with the rapid development of aviation industry, hijacking and dangerous incidents took more and more attention to aviation and airport safety. Therefore, metal detection gates played an important role in detecting illegal goods in many airports. Also in 70s, due to the emergence of door frame metal detectors in airport security inspection, the archway metal detection doors were set up as the essential safety inspection instruments in the safety exhibition of major sports games (such as Olympic Games) and important government departments.


To 80s, prison violence cases linear upward trend, how to effectively prevent and stop the violence as soon as possible the priority among priorities of prison management, relying on the police to strengthen the management of prisoners at the same time, the metal detecting gate once again become the United States, Britain, Belgium and other necessary developed prison authorities security equipment the formation, an average of 300 prisoners will use a metal detector for security; at the same time the rise of the west "treasure hot", also make the handheld or portable underground metal detectors have made great progress.


In 90s, the electronic manufacturing industry rapid warming has become the darling of the era, a large electronics company in order to reduce the loss of the end products, between the company and employees of the embarrassing situation, to continue using the metal detecting gate and hand-held metal detectors as the management of employee behavior, reducing the loss of a few products. So the metal detector has its new role - Anti-theft function of products.


After the 9.11 event, counter-terrorism has become an important issue for the international community. The explosion of terrorist activities, rampant terrorist became the national security department to fight. At this time, the international community's awareness of "security precautions" has also been referred to a new height. Affected by the 9.11 incident, the deployment of security work intensified by all walks of life is affected by this. The application field of metal detectors has also penetrated into other industries successfully.


With the vigorous development of the domestic security industry, in the field of security, underground metal detector products research and development, production and promotion, in recent years have made great progress. Since 2005, important examinations in provinces and municipalities at all levels, such as the national entrance examination for postgraduate entrance examination, etc., in order to prevent cheating on tools such as mobile phones, a new instrument -- metal detector has been launched in these examination rooms for the first time. This instrument can find items to carry mobile phone and pager candidates, the candidates enter the examination room before the customs inspection".