Detailed Solution Of Standard Detection Distance For Portable Metal Detector

- Mar 06, 2018-

Detailed solution of standard detection distance for portable metal detector


When we use hand-held metal detectors to detect the human body, often because the distance is not enough or too close to the instrument pingponging false positives happen, so not only delay the past staff time, but also increased the workload of the security personnel, so we need to understand the hand-held metal detector standard detection distance the detected items and standards are as follows:


Detection distance:

1. pin 30 - 60mm;

2. type 64 pistol 150mm;

3. six inch dagger 160mm;

4. 20mm diameter steel ball 90mm.


As we can see, for a class of pin metal items, our detection range is from 30 to 60mm, relatively large metal objects, detection distance away, such as the type four pistol, the detection distance can reach 150mm, handheld metal detector in the detection of metal objects, as well as the size of length and width that will affect the detection distance.