Demand For Metal Detectors For Temperature Measurement After The Outbreak In Wuhan

- Feb 12, 2020-

Demand for metal detectors for temperature measurement after the outbreak in Wuhan

Recently, there is a new trend in the demand market of through metal detector (also called metal security door). Since the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia in Wuhan, the market demand for security door equipped with infrared thermometer has suddenly increased dramatically, and the orders of manufacturers who have developed and produced in this area are suddenly too late to be received like snow flakes. It can be seen that in an extraordinary period, through metal detector with new technology has been adopted Equipment manufacturers quietly bring new economic growth points to themselves.

The severity of the epidemic in Wuhan is beyond imagination. Although it has improved after the first prevention and control period, the number of confirmed cases and suspected cases is still increasing every day, and the epidemic control is further strengthened all over the country. However, social and economic activities are mobile. As the epidemic turns better, Spring Festival return activities will also come around. Facing the huge flow of people, simple temperature guns and people The temperature measuring instrument for industrial inspection can't meet the demand of large flow. The places with large flow such as airport, railway station, subway and bus station need not only temperature measurement prevention and control, but also safety prevention and control. In this case, the application of temperature measurement and security door is particularly important.

Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional metal detector manufacturer, metal security door manufacturer, metal detector manufacturer, etc. we have been engaged in the research and development and production of high-tech metal detection, and invested a lot of money in new technology development every year. Nantong Yingfeng manufacturing technology ability has been in the forefront of the industry. At present, the new infrared automatic thermometer metal security door products introduced by the factory have advanced performance and can fully meet the needs of the current market. This product mainly integrates the infrared thermometer and the metal security door, and automatically integrates the 24-hour automatic infrared detector module into the metal detection system. Before passing the metal security door, the infrared temperature is detected first, and the The specific temperature value is displayed on the LCD. If the temperature exceeds the normal specified value, the device will give an alarm, which can effectively prevent and control large-scale infectious diseases on the basis of safety prevention and control.

The temperature measurement and security door is equipped with a high-precision micro 24-hour dynamic infrared temperature detector, which can detect the temperature of passers-by in all directions. The test distance is generally within half a meter, and the height is not less than 1.5 meters. It can be detected automatically without contact. Compared with the traditional detection method, it has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, fast detection speed, good environmental adaptability, etc., and it can advance rapidly Enter the monitoring area to test everyone's temperature data, and ensure the smooth flow of passenger flow.

The non-contact, intuitive, 24-hour continuous work does not affect the flow of people, which has become a highlight of the temperature measurement and security gate in this special epidemic period. At the same time, it also requires manufacturers to improve their technical capabilities to ensure the accuracy and stability of remote non-contact temperature measurement, so as to ensure that they can play a significant and effective role in this epidemic period. Finally, we pray for our country We hope that we can quell the epidemic in Wuhan as soon as possible and make our national and social life normal as soon as possible!