Correct Use Of Underground Metal Detectors

- Mar 07, 2018-

Correct use of underground metal detectors


Underground metal detectors are widely applied in archaeological excavation, treasure treasure and other fields, so that when we use a lot of false positives, or no alarm, but in fact these are because of personal improper use, use of underground metal detectors meichuang daseen today teach you how to correct




Metal detector is a sophisticated design, workmanship is exquisite products, the following suggestions will help you to better safeguard the company's products, improve the service life of the product.



Operating underground metal detectors to careful, cautious, any decline is likely to damage the circuit board and the shell, and may lead to underground metal detectors work properly.



Use underground metal detectors in normal temperature environment, extreme cold or hot weather conditions can shorten the life of electronic devices, damaging the detector shell.



In the process of using away from dust and dirt, they may cause corrosion and wear parts, regularly use wet cloth to wipe the detector in order to maintain its clean appearance newly, do not use chemical stimulation of cleaning products.



Don't use process like a pendulum on the plate, not to mention the disc side will appear detection readings wrong, preferably from side to side into a 15 cm wide arc horizontal sweep, keep on disk parallel to the ground and sweep speed to slow. The speed is likely to miss the target to be detected.