Conveyor Metal Detector Manufacturers' Analysis Of The Product Market

- Jan 19, 2021-

There are many kinds of metal detector products on the market, and consumers don’t know how to choose. Some consumers will choose cheaper products, and some consumers will now have better brand products. The following editor will take you to analyze Here is a detailed market analysis of metal detectors used in industry on the market.20200613144839_The main differences are as follows: 1. The main control board is different. The low-end products are generally purchased by small companies or processing companies from the outside market. The quality cannot be guaranteed. All the circuit boards of the mid-end products of Nantong Yingfeng Manufacturing Factory are independently developed. , High positioning, stable performance, guaranteed quality, high-end products using imported chips, world advanced technology development, excellent performance. 2. The display control system is different, the low-end is mechanical adjustment or ordinary button type, and the high-end adopts the large LCD touch screen control system, intelligent operation, easy to learn. 3. The phase adjustment configuration is different. Low-end products have no phase adjustment function, or only manual adjustment. The operation is very cumbersome and requires professionals to debug. The operation takes a long time. However, mid-to-high-end products are equipped with automatic phase adjustment function, which can Complete system acquisition and debugging within minutes. 4. The signal processing is different. The low-end products still use the previous analog signals. The disadvantage is that the signal phase shifts after 1-2 years of use, the detection sensitivity will decrease, and the later will not work, while the high-end products are basically equipped with digital signal processing It has stable phase, fast processing speed and good stability. 5. Failure rate, the low-end failure rate is high, because the price is low, the manufacturer will ignore the later warranty after the sale, and the later maintenance is troublesome; the failure rate of the high-end products is low, except for the wearing parts such as the conveyor belt will be replaced regularly, others The core components have a long service life. 6. The service life is different, the low-end products are generally useless after 2-3 years, and the medium-to-high-end products can be used for 10 years or more. Suzhou Aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional metal detector manufacturer, metal detection door manufacturer and metal separator manufacturer. The starting point for the market positioning of its metal detection products is mid-to-high-end products, and low-end products have been removed from the shelves many years ago. , We realize that our products are constantly updated, and we develop and produce new generations of new equipment to adapt to the market. There is nothing we can think of, but we can’t do it. We always pursue excellence in quality and production technology. Progress is a must.