Common Faults Of Explosive Detector And Treatment Methods

- Feb 18, 2020-

Common faults of explosive detector and treatment methods

Nowadays, many security inspection places need to use explosives detector, which can be used to quickly check unknown and suspicious items, such as explosives, drugs, and some explosive and flammable dangerous goods. But for a long time, or in some cases, what should we do if there are some malfunctions in our instruments? Experts from Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. share some common malfunctions and their solutions for reference only. For specific malfunctions or special situations, please contact the manufacturer first.


1、 Explosive detector cannot be turned on

There are many reasons why the explosive detector can't be turned on: 1. It hasn't been used for a long time, no power adapter is connected, the battery is dead, and it can't be turned on. 2. The indicator light of the power adapter is not on, indicating that the instrument cannot supply power normally. It may be the problem of the power adapter or the instrument itself. Please contact the manufacturer for after-sales service as soon as possible. 3. In other cases, if you can't turn on the machine, you can directly report this other situation to the manufacturer.

2、 Explosive detector automatically shut down and power off

First, turn off the switch to check whether the power adapter is connected normally. If no abnormality is found, unplug the adapter plug and power on again. If the contact is not good, the instrument will automatically power off, shut down and automatically protect.

3、 Air detection alarm of explosive detector equipment

1. Turn on the automatic cleaning function of the equipment. It is possible that the ion transfer tube inside the instrument is dirty and needs to be cleaned. After cleaning, conduct an empty test to see if there is any alarm.

2. First, determine whether the machine is preheated. Test after preheating for about half an hour. If the machine is not started for a long time, test after preheating for more hours.

3. After the gas purifier is damped, it will also cause the air test alarm of the instrument. Please replace the new gas purifier in time.

4、 No peak and miscellaneous peak of ion migration spectrum of explosive detector

Check whether the gas purifier is damped (used for many months or longer). If it has been damped, please replace it in time.