Common Fault Solution For Swing Gate

- Mar 22, 2018-

Common fault solution for swing gate


The swing gate usually adopts SUS304 stainless steel plate stamping forming, which can be conveniently compatible with IC card, ID card, bar code card, fingerprint and other reading card recognition equipment. The perfect swing gate in the use process, it is unavoidable to have some small faults, so what are these swing gate fault solutions?


Swing gate channel gate power on the rear arm to rotate back and forth or gate does not limit fault solution


First check the limit by photoelectric switch glare, cover; if necessary to shut the box or bolt cover, please use the deep color opaque objects over limit photoelectric switches to stop debugging;


Test limit photoelectric switch:

A, reflection zero, left and right open place can supply the photoelectric switch limit open place, reflect on the thread there is no loose or bad fight; B, enter the debug menu, through the optocoupler transition shaft brake light turn left from the mobilization in place, zero and right open limit in place of the photoelectric switch;


The connection between the photoelectric switch and the main board can be connected.


Finally, check whether the limit optoelectronic switch and connection are all abnormal (the main board is destroyed). Through these steps we can solve this kind of sluice failure.


Swing gate to gate signal machine without effective action rear brake failure solution:


The main board indicator is abnormal. When the signal is given to the useful opening signal, the indicator light will shine continuously and the indicator lamp will lead to the green arrowhead. The input voltage detection of PX terminal PC, PD, detection of insurance tube can fuse; such as arrhythmia, detection terminals MA, MB can have two input voltage, if the input detection electrical connection has no electrical can destroy; Uunsoldering;


The indicator light of the main board is not bright, the LED digital tube does not show, and detects the voltage input of the PA and PB terminals of the PX terminal; detects the fuse pipe can be fused. If the above are all abnormal, it is determined that the main board is destroyed.


There is a swing gate gate gate after fault, not to the point immediately after a reset or reset, when the pedestrian gate is not immediately after open reduction, a delay time is in the locked state of rear brake machine or to a position immediately after the reset, detected first cylindrical photoelectric switch and can pass on this failure; a the signal input on the motherboard indicator light, or the motherboard motherboard settings check destroyed; P08 can set with image;