Classification Of Industry Metal Detectors

- May 04, 2018-

Divide by function:

1) full metal industrial metal detectors: iron, stainless steel, copper and aluminum can be detected. The detection accuracy and sensitivity are high. This metal detector is usually used for the detection of metal foreign bodies in industries such as food,daily chemical industry, and food industries are very strict in limiting metal foreign bodies. Therefore, the sensitivity of this metal detector is very high.


2) iron metal detector: it is a magnetic induction metal detector, this metal detector machine can only detect iron, cobalt, nickel and other magnetic metals, commonly known as needle detector. The accuracy and sensitivity of iron detection are high and are not detected for non iron metals such as copper and aluminum with high purity. Therefore, this metal detector is often used in the installation of metal accessories (copper buttons and copper zippers). Usually called "needle machine", "needle testing machine", this principle of metal detectors in China has more than 20 years of production process, most manufacturers can make stable performance and Japanese brands to rival products.