Cause And Treatment Of Failure Of Three Roll Brake Lever

- Jan 25, 2018-

Cause and treatment of failure of tripod turnstile gate lever


Three roller gates in use for a long time there will be some faults, such as the three roller gate off the bar, such as the three roller gate cannot read the card case, as a kind of machine fault is inevitable, we encountered three roller gate fault occurs, should be how to deal with it? Below with the small editor in detail to understand the three roller sluice bar failure analysis and treatment.


There are two reasons for the three roll brake lever, one of which is the loosening of the six angle screws in the 2 M4 of the fixed debar electromagnet. This situation can be solved by the following method:

1. Open the top of the chassis with a key.

2. Release 2 M4 six angle screws in the fixed bar electromagnet.

3. Move the debar electromagnet up slightly;

4. Fasten the 2 M4 six angle screws in the M4 of the debar electromagnet.

5. Check whether the fault is excluded, or repeat the method described by 2~4 until the fault is excluded.


If it is not caused by screw looseness, it is possible that the elastic force of the shrapnel inside the brake head is insufficient. This situation is rather troublesome and requires professional maintenance. We need to contact us for maintenance.