Can The U Disc Lighter Pass Through The Walk Through Metal Detector Security Gate?

- Mar 09, 2018-

Can the U disc lighter pass through the walk through metal detector security gate?


At first glance, it looks like a U disk, but it's a lighter that can't be carried on the plane. Yesterday, the Nanning Wuxu International Airport security inspection station seized a new type of igniter with an appearance like a U disk, which had a USB interface and heated the ignition by an internal resistance wire.


Yesterday, a male passenger on flight SC4934 to Wuhan, in the airport VIP security channel inspection, the relevant personnel according to their luggage in the machine through the X image display, found a similar U disc items have strange, then asked the passengers to open packet inspection confirmation. By carefully identifying the personnel concerned, it is confirmed that it is an igniter with a USB interface. The passenger said it was told by his friend that the ignitor could be carried on the plane. After the security inspector patiently explained the relevant provisions, the passenger offered to voluntarily give up the item.