Brief Introduction Of The Characteristics Of Food Metal Detector

- Mar 15, 2018-

Brief introduction of the characteristics of food metal detector


In fact, heavy metal detector (also known as food safety detector) can effectively detect whether the goods purchased contain heavy metals, domestic heavy metal detector manufacturer also has many, but superior product performance, instrument small area is not much, it can be applied to detection of pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues (hormones and antibiotics) and detection mycotoxin detection, detection of functional diversity, the superiority of any one of the other manufacturers. Its trustworthy testing technology has been supported by more and more users. We will do our best to protect your life.


ATJ500A features of high quality food safety tester:

 AT-J500A for heavy-weight product_副本.jpg

1. Using intelligent control, it has the functions of setting, data processing, automatic saving, automatic printing and so on.


Two. The operation is simple and the data is intuitionistic. The instrument is operated in a large screen color touch screen, which is displayed in Chinese.


Three, the instrument has long service life, and the light source adopts quartz halogen tungsten lamp, which has the dormancy function of light source lamp.


Four, high level of information, and can control the work of the instrument.


Five, humanized design, the instrument interface is beautiful, concise, easy to operate, easy to learn and easy to meet. The test results are automatically or manually printed in two ways.


Six. The instrument can prepare and preserve the parameters and analysis methods of the commonly used detection items in advance for the users to call directly.


Seven. The instrument can input the national standard limit value of the veterinary drug residue and other projects as the reference basis for the determination of the test results.


Eight, the instrument has the function of self checking. If there is a fault on the machine, the user will be prompted on the LCD screen.


Nine, the instrument has the function of detection and calibration, it can save the calibration parameters and curves. When making the same project detection, it can choose to call the saved calibration parameters and curves.


Ten. The instrument has the method of absorbance, qualitative, quantitative and enzyme inhibition.


Eleven. The calibration report of the measurement units above the provincial level.


Twelve. The registration test report of the software product inspection unit at the provincial level or above.