Auxiliary Static Test Instrument For Flap Gate

- Mar 24, 2018-

Auxiliary static test instrument for flap gate


The electrostatic tester is a non-contact portable static electric field tester. Can be measured in the range of +/-20KV (working distance is 1 inches, 25mm) equipped with 2 LED lights to ensure the measurement from the measured object to maintain 25mm fiber, yarn, fabric, carpet, decorative fabric) electrostatic properties, also can be used to measure other sheet, plate material such as rubber, plastic, paper electrostatic properties and the composite plate. The mainframe of the instrument is composed of corona discharge device, probe and detection system. A given high-voltage electric field is used to discharge the tested sample at regular time, so that the sample can be induced to be electrostatic, so as to detect the static electricity size, static voltage, half life and residual static electricity, so as to determine the electrostatic properties of the tested sample.


Characteristics of electrostatic tester

1: battery (4 gear) efficiency display

2: the strip map shows the polarity and strength of the electric field

3: digital display of automatic control range

4: multi-function alarm

5: turn off the machine automatically after 5 minutes


Usage method

1. Put the 9V dry battery into the cell tank after the tester.

2, insert the grounding wire banana plug into the grounding wire socket on the upper end of the HAKKO-498 tester.

3, the wrist wrist.

4. Connect the grounding wire to the wrist band.

5, press the tester board with your hand. At this time, the liquid crystal indicator lights up and can hear a sound.

(1) if the red "LOW" light resistance to check the hand strap and the ground, when less than 800 thousand euro, this will have an impact on human safety.

(2) if the red "HIGH" lights, to check whether the hand wrist strap tie, and check the grounding resistance, to ensure that no loose ground strap tester.

(3) if the green "GOOD" light is bright, it indicates that the grounding system is good.