Attention To The Operation Of Flap Barrier Gate

- Feb 08, 2018-

Attention to the operation of flap barrier gate


What is the first step of the wing gate control? The person who knows the flap barrier gate knows that the function debugging is the first step of the wing operation. After the normal commissioning of the wing gate, it can be put into use, choose the wing barier with high cost performance and operate according to the correct operation method, so that we can get the highest utilization of the wing brake product. The following point of attention to the operation of the wing lock is introduced.


No card is not read when it is forbidden, and people pass through the gate fast.

The noticeable notice of the machine is marked in the full eye of the equipment operation, which guides the traveler to pass the gate of the gate safely and orderly.


Before the equipment is put into use, it must be debugged first, and it can be put into use after the debugging is normal.

It is necessary to ensure that the system is firmly attached to the ground in order to prevent the injury of the body.

Electrical wing gate device, ban stand in the channel;

When the pedestrian reading card passes, the direction indicator sign does not turn green, and the entry channel is forbidden.

When pedestrians pass through the channel, do not stay in the center of the channel for a long time.

The equipment is in a closed state, no push pull or hit the gate.

When the people passes through the gate, it should not be congested, and the distance between people and people should be maintained.

The wing lock equipment should be properly treated when the equipment is not operated, and the equipment should not be knocked or swayed.

Do not use this machine when there is thunder and lightning in order to prevent damage to the machine.