AT9007D High End Vehicle Bottom Inspection Mirror, High Definition Video Search Instrument

- Mar 26, 2018-

AT9007D high end vehicle bottom inspection mirror, high definition video search instrument


The listing of each new product is a very important time for any company, and it costs a lot of effort and cost. AT9007D high-end under vehicle inspection mirror, high definition video search instrument. After years of painstaking research and technology accumulation, according to the Executive Standards of "I have excellent people and I have no human being", the core technology R & D has been mature and released officially.


At the same time, we now have several products that are being tested, and are expected to be launched next year. The relevant information is temporarily kept secret. We invite new and old customers to pay attention to the development trend of our new products.



AT9007D under vehicle surveillance camera is a newly developed high-definition video search instrument, it can be easy to let you see what the eye cannot see through the place, the product can make those narrow and dark place of the real situation in the form of video show in front of you, let you analyze problems become greatly save your business work time, fast and convenient way to improve your work efficiency, this product uses 12V high energy lithium ion battery, a charge can be used continuously for 8 hours, solve the trouble of repeated replacement batteries, high hardness Aluminum Alloy suitcase, can effectively prevent drop collision extrusion prevention etc. the problem.


Product features

  • high definition video display, check the picture clearly and intuitionistic.

  • small superconducting 360 degree curly flexible hose, 120 degree wide range observation wide angle lens. The search vision has no dead angle.

  • Sapphire camera lens, stainless steel shell camera, waterproof camera design, and comes with a bright white light LED camera 12V. The instrument can easily adapt to various complex environments, such as shallow water, dark water, and so on.

  • high grade aluminum box packaging, more conducive to the preservation of products.


Technical parameters of product

Waterproof camera

  • camera size: 23mmx50mm

  • camera and Elbow Length: 940mm

  • camera shell material: stainless steel 304

  • camera lens material: sapphire

  • Sensor size: 1/4 inches

  • The number of sensor images: PAL:720X576NTSC:720X480

  • Lens visual angle: 120 degrees

  • Camera adjustable angle: any angle

  • Camera light source: 12V bright white light LED lamp

  • Camera waterproof grade: IP68

  • The total length: 1.16 meters

  • Working temperature: -10 C -50 C

Liquid crystal display

  • screen size: 4.3 inches 16:9

  • resolution: 480*320*RGB

  • work power: DC12V

Packaging: high hardness aluminum alloy suitcase


Scope of application:

When a disaster, a collapse of a building, such as a sudden natural disaster; people, property is trapped underground; rescuers can not reach the area immediately. We can use the AT9007D high definition video searcher to make a quick visual inspection of the suspicious target area, and can also be used for shallow surface underwater objects search and so on.


Product service commitment:

Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. solemn commitment: the company produced food safety metal detector, walk through security door, underground metal detectors, X - ray security scanner, hand-held metal detector, vehicle safety inspection mirror, food metal detector, metal detector, temperature detector gate and drug security doors, gates and other products through ISO9001 system certification and European CE certification, so that those in the metal detector and vehicle inspection mirror, security doors and other products of the factory are entitled to buy January replacement and one year warranty service.