AT-008A Metal Detection Door As A Strong Backup For Wuhan Women's Prison In Hubei Province

- Jul 02, 2019-

Hello, the staff of Wuhan Women's Prison, Hubei. The 13 unit of AOTENG security equipment AT-008A metal detection door you purchased has been installed and debugged. There are any security problems in the later period. Please contact us in time. AOTENG metal detection door manufacturer will serve you wholeheartedly.


Wuhan Women's Prison, located in Wuhan, is a prison for women only. Like other prisons, in order to prevent people from bringing contraband goods into the prison, Wuhan Women's Prison in Hubei Province has chosen to buy ETW-600D metal detection door under repeated comparisons. The ETW-600D security gate is a luxurious security gate, which is specially produced by Suzhou Aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a security gate manufacturer, with high quality and wide application. Daxin and old customers like it. The high sensitivity of the security gate can detect a paper clip, also can eliminate the impact of belt buckles, shoes, bras, etc., and detect large pieces of metal or prohibited items.

AT-008A luxury walk through metal detector can be used not only in public inspection method, but also in enterprise factories and public places. Suzhou Aoteng produces door frame metal detector security inspection doors, X-ray security inspection machines, channel gates, hand-held metal detectors and other security inspection equipment. AOTENG brand security inspection equipment adopts 5A production standard, and the products are fine-tuned three times before leaving the factory. 72 hours aging treatment, product quality assurance, Suzhou Aoteng metal detection door price concessions, full qualifications, welcome to call.