Application Scheme Of Three Roll Gates Ticketing System In Scenic Spot

- Apr 17, 2018-

Application scheme of three roll gates ticketing system in scenic spot


In scenic area, because of the large flow of people, the implementation of ticketing management has always been a headache for scenic area managers. After all, we all know that the scenic area itself relies on ticket sales. Once the deal is not good, the emergence of a large number of fare evasion, for the area is a great loss. Today, let's take a look at the application of three roller gates in the ticket system.



Application scheme of three roll ticketing system in scenic spot

1, it is said how to dig out the price of the tripod turnstile for the scenic spot check, and to excavate the advantage of the three roll gate of the scenic spot check according to the customer of the three roll gate of the scenic spot of his company.


2, the scenic spot check three rollers can be statistically visited or counted by counting, and through the scenic spot check three rollers can also come to your destination, the scenic spot check three rollers in the safety protection entrance industry is still more hot.


3, the three roll gate access gate is to prevent others from entering any other place, so as to facilitate the management of internal safety protection.


We can use the company's old customers to use their own sales enthusiasm can not be able to dig, stand in the view of the scenic spot check three rollers gate angle or the scenic spot ticket three roll gate use angle to consider the scenic spot check three roll brake brand advantage, to provide customers with a perfect scenic spot check three roll gate scheme, including the implementation of scenic spot inspection. I will not elaborate on the three roll brake installation and after-sale maintenance.


Three roll gate ticketing system comprehensive scheme:

With the current website online booking service as a breakthrough point, improve the application of e-commerce, and through online payment, to provide customers with quick, safe and convenient order services. The project includes tickets for scenic spots, internal transportation, hotels, tourist routes, air tickets and so on. We offer various payment means to complete transactions, including online payment, mobile payment, post office wire transfer, bank transfer, front desk payment and so on. According to the latest interface package and interface technology provided by banks, a convenient online banking payment platform is launched to provide online payment. To achieve the function of bank arrival inquiry, we can take the initiative to inquire about the payment of a bank without normal writing.


It mainly includes ticketing system, electronic ticket checking subsystem, aggregate settlement inquiry subsystem. The overall process is: visitors to the scenic spot to buy tickets for the purchase of computers sold with information signs (such as bar code or two-dimensional code) tickets, while the ticket data are written to the server database; visitors to the entrance to the scenic spot, through the electronic ticket ticket channels to scan ticket information, tickets are discarded, visitors into the scenic area. Ticket data and ticket entry data can be querying in real time under authorized circumstances.


The application of the three roll gate ticketing system in the scenic spot. The above is Suzhou aoteng technical personnel for specific introduction of scenic three roller gate.  Suzhou aoteng technology, as a professional manufacturer of three roller gate. There are many applications in the scenic spots. Therefore, if you need three roller gates or other gates, you can consult our staff, and they will give you professional solutions. Counseling hotline: 013656250456