Application Scheme Of Automatic Weight Checker In Food Industry

- Jul 31, 2019-

AOTENG brand automatic checkweight machine provides the quantity missing detection of packaged products for the production and processing of food and beverage, i.e. missing parts detection and missing packing detection; the net content of packaged products is overweight/underweight detection, weighing 100% of each product individually and eliminating unqualified products through sound and light alarm or automatic selection, so as to ensure the net content of products is qualified. And the integrity of product quality, online dynamic weighing detection is an important quality means to solve the lack of product quantity, accessories, abnormal weight and so on. At the same time, the equipment can connect the production management system of Suzhou Aoteng Electron Technology Co Ltd, and output the related data of production process management such as production report in real time. It can help enterprises to realize the refined production management and reduce the cost of production management while controlling the quality of products.


On-line automatic weight-checking equipment can detect on-line whether there are abnormal weight deviations of overweight/underweight packaging products, and feedback information to filling or packaging equipment. At the same time, it can detect abnormal situations such as the number of products in bags, bags, boxes, cans, bottles, boxes, etc. or the absence of accessories. Ensure that the net product content meets the specifications and requirements, save material costs, improve product quality and integrity, and avoid customer complaints.

Overweight/underweight detection;

Inspection of missing parts in the whole box;

Appendix missing detection;

Automatic rejection of unqualified products;

production management system

In the field of food preliminary processing, automatic weight sorting solutions for raw materials:

To provide multi-level weight sorting solutions for raw materials in the field of food processing, each product is weighed separately and sorted to the specified specifications or categories, at the same time, it can be equipped with extension functions such as automatic point packing.


Food and Food Materials, Automatic Weighting Packaging Solution:

To provide automatic counterweight packaging solutions for food and foodstuff processing factories, that is, according to the requirements of weight and quantity objectives, automatic counterweight and automatic delivery of each group of products that meet the requirements to the packaging station, effectively replacing the low efficiency and precision of manual counterweight in the past, the counterweight in the packaging process is in place one step.

Food and beverage, metal detection solutions:

Provide solutions for the detection of metal foreign bodies in food and beverage packaging process to ensure that products meet the requirements of industry standards and various legal norms.

Food and beverage, visual inspection solutions:

To provide a surface vision detection solution for food and beverage packaging, and automatically screen out unqualified products through visual ratio.

Integrated solution of weighing-metal detection-scanning-jet code-visual inspection-production management system:

To provide users in the food and beverage industry with a combination of application solutions based on online weighing detection - metal detection - automatic scanning - automatic spraying code - visual detection, and can be integrated into the production management system independently developed by Xinyongyi to achieve integrated data management.