Application Of X-ray Machine In Medicine

- Nov 30, 2017-

  1. X-Ray Diagnostics
    X-ray is used in medical diagnosis, mainly based on X-ray penetrating action, differential absorption, photosensitive action and fluorescence effect. As x-rays pass through the body, they are absorbed by varying degrees, such as the amount of X-rays absorbed by the skeleton, which is more than the amount of muscle absorbed, then the amount of X-rays after the human body is not the same, so it carries the information of the density distribution of the human body, on the screen or photographic film caused by the fluorescence effect or the intensity of the photosensitive effect there is a greater difference, Therefore, on the screen or photographic film (through the development, fixing) will show the different density of the shadow. According to the contrast of shadow shade, it is possible to judge whether a part of human body is normal by combining clinical manifestation, laboratory results and pathologic diagnosis. Therefore, X-ray diagnosis technology has become the world's first application of the non-planed visceral examination technology.

2.X Ray Therapy
X-rays should be used for treatment, mainly based on their biological effects, the use of different energy X-rays on the human body lesions of the cell tissue irradiation, the irradiated cells can be destroyed or suppressed, in order to achieve some diseases, especially cancer treatment purposes.

3.X Ray Protection
The use of X-rays at the same time, people have been found to cause hair loss, skin burns, workers eyesight disorders, leukemia and other radiation-related problems, in order to prevent X-ray damage to the human body, must take appropriate protective measures.

These constitute the three major aspects of X-ray application in medicine-diagnosis, treatment and protection.