Application Of Walk Through Metal Detector Security Gate In Exhibition

- Sep 13, 2019-

Application of Walk Through Metal Detector Security Gate in Exhibition

Nowadays, with the rapid development of society and economy, the number of enterprises is also increasing, which naturally leads to the development of large and small fairs, order fairs and business fairs, almost every day. Generally speaking, the participants are more complex, which involves all kinds of people, and exhibitions. The site environment is also complex, so that some illegal elements have the opportunity to take advantage of, then this security work must be in place, in order to better ensure the smooth development of the exhibition. At that time, it played its role.


1. Background Summary: Many exhibitors'exhibits and confidential information will be stolen or destroyed. In order to strengthen better supervision of visitors entering the exhibition, it is necessary to protect the vital interests of exhibitors. Then, on the premise of not infringing the personal rights of each participant, the most important thing is to protect the interests of exhibitors. Good way is to use Walk through security gates and metal detectors and other scientific and technological means to carry out safety management, so as to make the exhibition more smoothly and successfully completed.

2. The purpose of installing door frame metal detector security gates: the most important thing is to check the safety of visitors to the exhibition, so as to better protect the vital interests of exhibitors.

3. Installation environment and location: The best installation location of the arched metal detector is at the entrance of the exhibition. Keep in mind that there should be no large metal articles within a circumference of 1 metre, so as to prevent unnecessary external metal interference when the metal detector security gate works, thereby improving the inspection accuracy and accuracy of the walk through security gate.