Application Of Metal Separator In Food Industry

- May 27, 2019-

There is an old saying: "Wang takes the people as the heaven, the people take food as the heaven, and the food safety as the first". Today, with the emergence of food safety incidents, Korich metal separator will be able to solve the hazards of metal impurities in food for the vast food industry.


In recent years, domestic enterprises have gradually realized the importance of metal separators applied in food and other industrial production. However, due to the lack of enforcement of laws and regulations, the market is still in a negative state.

Metal separators can well reduce the probability of metal impurities into food, and meet the requirements of food safety. Why do not domestic manufacturers use metal separators as necessary equipment for production lines?

Domestic food manufacturers are often only concerned about the price of equipment, rather than the performance and efficiency of equipment. It's not that all enterprises are innocent and treacherous businessmen, not concerned about product safety, but that money saves money. Many enterprises believe that our products for domestic sale do not need metal separators. On the other hand, the domestic requirements for metal separators are still blank, and many enterprises know little about foreign body detection. Simply put: a small food company needs to buy at least one or two metal separators to meet the actual needs of metal detection and separation, not to mention large manufacturers, need more funds to buy more metal detection equipment, in order to achieve quality and safety issues.