Application Of Metal Detector In Various Industries

- Oct 17, 2019-

Application of metal detector in various industries

Metal detectors are widely used in various industries, of which food industry is the most common. Other industries include security inspection (stations, shopping malls, etc.), chemical industry (raw materials), clothing and tie (fabric processing) and other fields. Next, we will introduce the food industry in detail. The application of other industries is only for simple understanding.

1. Application of metal detector in food industry

In the food industry, metal detectors can be used to detect metal impurities in food raw materials (such as rice and wheat for flour production) or finished products (such as processed biscuits). There are many types of metal detectors used on food, but the following two types are widely used, one is pipeline type metal detector or detector, the other is called conveyor belt type. Metal detector or detector. The conveyor belt type machine is to put the products to be tested on the belt. When the conveyor transports the food from left to right (or from right to left), if there are metal foreign matters mixed in the detector head, the alarm will stop, or the automatic removal mechanism will eliminate them. The pipeline type metal detector, also known as the drop type metal detector or detector, allows food to fall freely from the upper side of the machine and pass through the detector head. If there is metal, an alarm (sound, light) will be generated and the object will be discharged into the waste bin by using the internal quick removal device.


Now in the market, there are many brands of metal detectors for food. The price of metal detectors varies. Compared with the imported ones, the domestic ones with good quality have similar performance, but the price has a great advantage. We know that many products from China's food factories are sold to Japan, and the Japanese have strict requirements on food safety and hygiene. They require Chinese food processing enterprises to meet their own standards before they can supply them. Most domestic products still fail to meet their standards. Some special food products can't even meet the requirements of processed products in Germany and the United States. For example, pickled products, fresh meat, canned food, etc. Some ways for domestic manufacturers to make their products conform to the standards are commercial secrets. It's not convenient to disclose them here. Please understand without further explanation.

2. Application of metal detector in other industries

In the field of textiles (such as clothing, ties, fabrics, clothing, clothing, toys, shoes), we usually call it a needle detector or a needle detector, also known as an iron detector. The metal detector used for security inspection and anti-theft inspection in stations, airports, shopping malls, chip factories (component production) and other places is often called metal detection door or security inspection door. In addition, the instrument can also be used in chemical raw materials, glass plastics (particles) recycling and separation, injection molding, archaeological exploration and other industries.