Application Of Metal Detector In Plastic Particle And Crushing Material Recycling Industry

- Jul 11, 2019-

In the recycling industry of glass-plastic and crushing materials, metal detectors are added to the recycled glass bottles and plastic bottles before they are put into crushers and crushers to detect and eliminate the metals mixed in the recycled materials, which can avoid these materials entering crushers and crushers, protect cutters and reduce maintenance costs.


In injection moulding industry, the detection of magnetic and non-magnetic metals (including iron, copper, aluminium, lead, tin, stainless steel, etc.) in plastic particles can prevent these metal impurities and debris from being detected before entering the equipment such as injection moulding machine and automatically excluded into the recycling box, which can protect the hot runner of the mould, prevent blocking the nozzle and scratching the mould. And so on. The metal separator is equipped with a bracket and a hopper, which is easy to operate and use.


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