Application Of Food Metal Detector

- Mar 31, 2020-

Application of food metal detector

The type of pipe required depends on temperature, flow rate and product viscosity, but must be made of non-metallic materials. Many food manufacturers install metal detectors before heavy and vulnerable equipment, because this can protect downstream machinery from damage and avoid production interruption, thus directly benefiting from the economy. The detector can then act as a guard for vulnerable delivery pumps, rollers and valves, preventing them from being damaged by metal contaminants. For example, in the production of biscuits, the new brand metal detector is usually installed before the dough is molded into the forming roller. The engraved brass roller and forming roller are very valuable and easy to scratch, which will cause more serious damage in case of metal impurities. Installing metal detectors before forming rollers can protect them from hard metal in biscuits. This also ensures that contaminants are not further crushed, making detection more difficult. The strict hygiene regulations of the cleaning and processing food industry are always the first consideration for the manufacturers of gounder's food metal detector.


Which is the best food metal detector? This food metal detector I recommend to you here is a new R & D product of Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. It adopts advanced DSP processing chip, with ultra-high sensitivity, strong stability, anti-interference ability and adaptability, and can be used for meat, fungus, candy, beverage, food, fruits and vegetables, additives and condiments, etc Detection of iron and non-ferrous impurities in the product. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel drawing mirror. The conveyor belt is white non-toxic Pu special conveyor belt conforming to FDA standard. The front and back of the machine drum are equipped with protective cover and emergency button. LCD screen display, Chinese and English menu screen, easy to achieve man-machine dialogue operation. Through the fast self-learning function, it can be used automatically once and has the memory function. It can store more than 100 product detection parameters and adapt to more product groups. The rotating speed of the motor is 26 meters per minute, and it supports 24-hour uninterrupted operation.

Food metal detector can be used for dry, semi dry food, bag scraping specialty, tea, cooked food, coffee, textiles, toys, clothing, shoes and hats, etc. It is also used in water plant, poultry, meat, frozen, cold and other food detection. Features: 1. The combination of new analog circuit and digital circuit greatly improves the reliability and intelligence of the product; 2. It is composed of new touch screen input and large-scale integrated circuit, and the CPU completes the collection and conversion of analog signal into digital, and automatically searches * * points of metal content of the detected object, greatly improving the sensitivity and reliability of the detection; 3. It adopts the humanized interface design, the whole The operation process is simple and intuitive, the human-machine interface is clear at a glance, all functions can be completed by direct operation on the screen; 4. Various required functions and modes can be set, and self-test function can be set. Sensitivity: in different gears, it can be adjusted to increase and decrease (1-9 gears can be adjusted). When micro metal is detected, the instrument will give an alarm at the same time, and the unqualified products will automatically return to the stop state; 5. This product adopts a computer-based control system, which can complete the quantity statistics of the tested products, the qualified products, the classification statistics of the unqualified products, the data storage and printing, the dry and wet concentration product identification, and the separation of mutual interference caused by the simultaneous work of multiple equipment, etc. according to the special requirements of users Requirement.


They provide stronger performance, higher sensitivity and processing capacity. Now, even in extremely demanding applications, metal detectors can still be developed and used well according to customer requirements. How does the metal detector work? Industrial metal detectors can be installed in two ways. The 'plate' coil can be installed above or below the product conveyed on the conveyor belt. But a more sensitive detector should allow the product to pass through the coil and install the coil in a metal shell. This more sensitive 'coil' type is usually equipped with three coils: a central transmitting coil and two receiving coils with opposite winding directions are installed in a probe. The oscillator connected to the central coil produces a high frequency magnetic field. The two receiving coils are connected to each other so that the induced voltage generated by them can be self cancelled when the magnetic field is not disturbed. In order to obtain better sensitivity, the aperture size of metal detector should match the specific product