Application Method Of Trace Explosives Detector

- Sep 12, 2019-

Since the September 11 explosion in the United States, countries around the world have attached great importance to the safety management of explosive detection. In order to strengthen the inspection and control of explosives, different types of explosive detectors have been developed. Among them, ion mobility spectrum explosive technology is widely used in the market, with fast detection speed, high accuracy and high sensitivity. The application of trace explosive detectors based on ion mobility spectroscopy is introduced in this paper.


1.Power on

First of all, we need to know whether explosive detectors need to be connected to operate. Some explosive detectors are equipped with batteries, which can be used for a period of time without being connected. Turn on the power supply and press the boot button to start.

2.Enter Password

As a precise inspection equipment, the security management of explosive detectors is more convenient and it is not easy to reveal privacy by setting passwords or verification codes. Enter the verification code or password given by the manufacturer and enter the instrument boot interface.

3. Preheating Self-inspection

Ion migration technology trace explosive detector is based on the principle of ion migration, according to the ion migration spectrum of substances to achieve the identification of substances, it needs the core components of the instrument ion migration tube preheating for a period of time, by the way, check whether the instrument is normal. According to the actual situation of the instrument, the preheating time is generally based on the parameters given by the manufacturer, waiting for the preheating time. New explosive detectors can generally be preheated in less than 10 minutes.

4.Extraction of Samples

New explosive sampling method for reference

1)Trace small particles: Trace particles are sampled three times on the surface of the carrier with a clean, specially processed high-temperature sampling slice attached randomly, and the sampling process can be carried out through the cooperation of the sampler.

2)Large-particle solid or high-concentration liquid: For large-particle solid or high-concentration liquid samples, samples are wiped with clean, specially treated high-temperature sampling slices randomly matched, and then sampled slices with finger flick, removing most of the samples, and the slices to be sampled are slightly dried.


5.Testing Samples

Sampling test paper will be put into the instrument to test according to the requirements. The explosive detector test sample generally needs to adjust the mode. Some explosive detectors will provide explosive detection mode and drug detection mode as well as mixture detection mode. If explosive is detected, we usually mix the instrument with explosive and mixture. Patterns are checked.

6.Display results

Different instruments show different results in different time, the shorter the detection time, of course, the better the instrument. Generally, the parameters provided by a factory show the detection time of the report. Ion migration spectrogram will be displayed at the same time, and according to the comparison of the standard spectrogram Library of the instrument, the name of the substance can be displayed.

7.Printing Report

After displaying the ion migration spectrogram, the printing button can be pressed to print the test results. If the limited instrument has no printer function, the report can not be printed.

8.Continuous testing

General instruments need to continue testing after one inspection. According to the number of times required by the manufacturer, they can continue testing.

9. Cleaning Machines

After many tests, the instrument needs to be cleaned automatically so as not to interfere with the results of previous tests.

10. Power off

After the test, press the shutdown key of the instrument. Some instruments have a main power switch at the bottom, which also needs to be turned off. Finally, the power supply is pulled off.

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