Application And Development Of On-line Weighing Scale

- Nov 26, 2019-

Application and development of on-line weighing scale

Online weighing scale also known as sorting scale. It is a medium and low speed, high-precision on-line weight detection equipment, which can be integrated with various production lines and transportation systems. It is mainly used for on-line detection of whether the weight of products is qualified, whether there is a lack of parts or components in the package or whether the weight of products is classified. Online inspection has gradually become an indispensable link in industrial production, especially in the production process of food and medicine industry. The on-line weighing scale is compared with the preset range, and the control unit sends out instructions to remove the unqualified products. At present, the large-scale production of Checkweighers in China is just in its infancy, and the new national standards and verification regulations are being developed in line with oiml-r51. Some domestic enterprises mainly produce large-scale weight checkers for the chemical logistics industry. However, for small-scale and small range weight checkers, most domestic enterprises are in the imitation stage due to the great technical difficulty and too small graduation value.


Because the automatic weighing scale is used in the online quality inspection line of packaging logistics, in order to achieve the highest production efficiency, it is required that the product metering pass speed can reach 100-300 times / min, and the highest detection accuracy can reach 0.1g. According to the size and metering speed of different inspected items, suitable screening and metering time can be automatically determined; when ROM / ram, a / D, photoelectric device, communication and other differences Often, prompt and take measures to realize automatic adjustment and self diagnosis. At the same time, it has the function of arc net and Ethernet network communication, which enables the system to realize the centralized control of the computer combined scale with the previous process, as well as the remote control operation and process feedback control.

In recent years, the products tend to be compact and multi-functional. Metal inspection, X-ray foreign matter inspection and separation are integrated in the application of weighing scale. At present, the general metal inspection can detect 0.8-1mm metal foreign matters, and the inspection speed can reach 40-60m / min. because the metal detector cannot detect such foreign matters as hair, thread head, bone, glass, etc., a new X-ray foreign matter detector is applied, and the maximum detection speed can reach 65m / min. at present, countries around the world have begun to further expand the function of the weighing scale to the storage and packing In the dynamic management system, a kind of integrated transportation detection equipment, which integrates weight sorting, packing geometric dimension detection, RF automatic identification coding, shape graphic identification processing and other technologies, has been widely used in the logistics and transportation management system.