Announcement Of The 2018 Intelligent Walk Through Security Door Upgrade

- Mar 26, 2018-

Announcement of the 2018 intelligent walk through metal detector security door upgrade


Overview of system equipment

Intelligent security equipment, intelligent security door detection management platform of our company to create has the following functions, intelligent security door factory no management, with the popularization and modernization of industrial processes and intelligent equipment intelligent equipment to replace the ordinary employees is no longer a sci-fi movie scene, in our daily life of artificial intelligence everywhere. The cost is greatly saved for the enterprise.


(Scheme I) intelligent security inspection area control

1. Intelligent identification of employee information

Intelligent security door normal working mode, people enter the security inspection area (600mm at the entrance of security check for personal information collection area), check the identity information of security check OK, (voice prompt: passable) through the release time is 1 second. Identify the employee's regional identity; fail in authentication, voice prompting, intruding, and exit the security area. If people pass the security check, the goalkeeper will start the electronic capture program and push it to the management center.


2. It has a certain traceability

When the metal inspector is not OK, the security check door will start the capture function and record the personal information of the relevant personnel. Through personnel information collection, if there is an alarm, the backstage management center can trace specific employees' personal information, which is recorded in a number of illegal traffic and specific time, and can be retrieved at any time by management center to achieve traceability.


3. Intelligent processing scheme

Even if the scene is unsupervised, the security personnel can verify the specific situation in the control center through the intercom system. Security personnel can ask the prohibited personnel to cross to the video visual security area, to show the alarm items to give clarification. A slideway can be arranged on the side of the security door, and the movable metal can be put in the slot.