Analyze The Three Development Trends Of Walk Through Metal Detector Gates

- Mar 20, 2021-

From the birth of the initial walk through metal detector gate to the present, many changes have taken place in material production, technological innovation, and application fields. A few days ago, the security department that began to conduct security inspections has become more and more popular with many manufacturing companies, such as gold and silver jewelry factories, electronic industrial products factories, metal products factories, etc. The key to this kind of company’s application of this product is to prevent damage Purpose. Following the technological development trend of the manufacturing industry related to smart security, many functions have gradually been integrated into the development and design of walk through metal detector. This change harms the technological innovation of the industry chain as much as possible. At the same time, manufacturers also sniff out a large number of business opportunities for entrepreneurship. At the beginning, they are concerned about the diversified requirements of terminal equipment customers, and thus track and appropriately anticipate the expansion of new products.


 Trend 1: Network integration

In the security market in the next few years, its technical focus will increasingly focus on network integration and integration solutions. This is how multiple systems use a single graphical user interface to share databases across platforms, and the independently designed independent system and its single configuration will soon withdraw from the historical stage of the industry. With the development of system integration in the security industry, walk through metal detector technology is also developing in the direction of network integration. Engineering companies have proposed better system integration solutions to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the entire system.

In the process of security inspection, more and more large-scale users, such as sports meetings, exhibitions, etc., use dozens of walk through metal detector at every turn. In the recent 10th National Games, about 80 walk through metal detector gates were used, and 20 were used on the same occasion. If one person monitors several walk through metal detector gates in the previous way, there are three main problems. First, data settings cannot be unified; second, more personnel are required; third, data cannot be recorded and saved in real time. And network integration can effectively solve these problems. Recently, Suzhou Aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully developed software that connects more than 20 walk through metal detector gates with Ethernet to the various drawbacks of independent systems. It is on a PC with WINDOWS interface. Simultaneous monitoring. The successful application of network integration integration in the walk through metal detector made Ao Teng Electronics a partner of the 10th National Games, and its products were widely used in the 10th National Games. The terminal PC monitors multiple networked walk through metal detector gates, which not only greatly reduces staffing costs, but also improves detection efficiency.

 Trend 2: Diversified collection of safety information

 In many special occasions, such as important meetings, forums, etc., when VIP characters are involved, it is necessary to add diversified information collection functions using walk through metal detector gates as a platform, such as card reading, surveillance cameras, etc.

 Attach a smart IC card to the invitation letter of the VIP character. When the cardholder is ready to enter the venue through the walk through metal detector gate, swipe the card on the card reader, and the screen connected to the card reader will display the character’s photo, position, unit, etc. Related Information. When the VIP person passes the walk through metal detector gate, a low-sensitivity detection will be performed on the VIP person in a special detection mode to avoid the embarrassment of the admission detection of the VIP person present. However, other personnel are strictly inspected, so that not only the attendees can be seated and the meeting security can be increased, but also the VIP attendance can be recorded synchronously. If necessary, cameras can be added according to customer requirements to record and save the passing personnel in real time. These are solutions for demanding users.

Of course, these systems have very high requirements on the integration of software and hardware, and the installation and commissioning are also more complicated. It will take time for the real large-scale use.

 Trend 3: market segmentation

The walk through metal detector gate customers are mainly divided into two categories: safety inspection and commercial loss prevention.

For walk through metal detector used in airports, subway stations, people’s courts, people’s procuratorates, and private clubs, efforts should be made to identify the finished products. They should be highly sensitive to the detection of knives and guns, and are sensitive to accessories, belt buckles, Myopia glasses have a high removal rate; for users who aim to prevent damage such as electronic component processing plants, gold jewelry processing plants, metal products plants, etc., they mainly need to detect high-value items with high purity or low metal content. The previous detection gate has some difficulties in detecting integrated circuits and electronic devices with an area less than 2 square centimeters, and it is also difficult to detect high-purity and small-volume non-magnetic metals. The main reasons that affect the detection sensitivity are the coil winding method, voltage, the use of electronic devices, and the test method. Therefore, these manufacturing users must develop their own designed walk through metal detector to meet their needs, starting from a comprehensive perspective, and improving sensitivity on the premise of stability.